What a rain…

drip irrigation
We had about 2.3 inches of rain on the farm on Friday night — and it was the beautiful slow, soaking type. Not the type that washes away half of my soil.

As I type this on Sunday night, the rain is again falling outside. While none of my plants were hurting for moisture due to the drip irrigation system I installed this spring (pictured above, watering broccoli in early April), this rain will sure help replenish the below-average moisture levels around the eastern part of the state.

Speaking of the drip irrigation system, I couldn’t be happier with how well it’s working thus far. It’s about 85% more efficient (in terms of water use) than the overhead system we’ve used in years past, is completely automated, and only waters my plants — not the weeds. It’s looking like the ~$600 investment is going to be well worth it.


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