About Armbrust Farms

Armbrust Farms specializes in Nebraska horticulture. In addition to our fruit and vegetable growing operation (currently on hiatus), we do native plant landscape design, horticultural consulting, and other related services.


Ryan Armbrust grew up on a farm a few miles northwest of Elkhorn, Neb. After pursuing majors in mechanical engineering, history and journalism, he finally settled on horticulture — his first love.

Before returning to the farm, Ryan worked as a sportswriter for the Lincoln Journal Star, the Omaha World-Herald, MVN.com, and authored his own baseball blog called “The Pastime.” While he still loves baseball — and writing — he couldn’t be happier as a horticulturalist.

In 2008, Ryan realized that the world of sportswriting just wasn’t for him, and returned to his roots — digging around in the soil and working with plants.

Armbrust Farms sold 40+ types of fruit and vegetables at farmers markets in the Omaha area until taking a hiatus after the 2011 growing season.

Ryan is currently the Horticulture Program Assistant at the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, and an Outreach Assistant with the Nebraska Forest Service.

In June 2013, Ryan will begin working toward his Master of Science degree at Kansas State University. He will study Sustainable Horticulture with Dr. Cary Rivard.


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