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What’s ready this week

After a quick check of the garden, it looks like we’ll have many of the same vegetables ready this week as last, with a couple additions.

The last of the broccoli (pictured above) is heading out on the primary stalks, and there should be a pretty decent number of firm heads this week.

This will be the last week for the radishes, as well. They’re all about golf ball size, and still crisp and delicious.

Although we had four heads of cabbage ready last week, this will be the week for them to take off. It looks like at least a dozen heads will be ready for Saturday.

After some slow growth in the first month, it looks like the celery stalks are ripe for the picking this week. No one at the market had celery last week, so it looks like I might have the only source of it at the market this time around.

There will be a few more kohlrabi, but for the most part, we’re done with them until the second crop (which is doing well) comes in after about three to four more weeks.

The peas are getting close, but probably won’t be ready for another two weeks. Lots and lots of pods and flowers on the vines, though.

And, as a surprise, I might just have some fresh berries to sell this week. Let’s just say that the mulberry tree by the garden is looking pretty good — and I’ve tasted the berries once or twice to check.



In preparation for my appearance at the Omaha Farmers’ Market tomorrow, I went out and picked some produce today.

And it was wet. And rainy. And muddy.

But I persevered, and filled several boxes with fresh, tasty-looking vegetables.

I have about three dozen kohlrabi, a little on the big side but nonethless very tender and tasty. I cut open one to check, and it was crisp, sweet and delicious.

I also pulled a couple hundred radishes. They’re all about golf ball size or slightly smaller, and have no insect damage at all. I was pleasantly surprised at that. I have two different cultivars, and both look great.

Although I’m a bit disappointed in the effort my broccoli is giving to producing big heads, I got about a dozen good heads out of the garden today. It looks like next week will be better, though.

And for good measure, I cut the four biggest heads of cabbage. They’re nice and dense, and the leaves are extra-crisp. Nice.

Come on out and see me at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and be sure to check back for updates throughout the week!

The last of the seed goes in

It’s been a damp week here in Elkhorn, but I managed to get the last few seeds in the ground on Wednesday, during a window when the ground wasn’t too wet.

We’ve now got a couple hundred feet in rows of cucumbers, both slicers and picklers, and about a hundred feet of spinach started. Both should be ready in about five to eight weeks — about the last week of July to the first week of August.

In addition, a narrow angle of the garden that wasn’t really suitable for vegetables is now seeded with zinnias, gomphrena and bachelor buttons, for cut flowers later this summer.

What a rain…

drip irrigation
We had about 2.3 inches of rain on the farm on Friday night — and it was the beautiful slow, soaking type. Not the type that washes away half of my soil.

As I type this on Sunday night, the rain is again falling outside. While none of my plants were hurting for moisture due to the drip irrigation system I installed this spring (pictured above, watering broccoli in early April), this rain will sure help replenish the below-average moisture levels around the eastern part of the state.

Speaking of the drip irrigation system, I couldn’t be happier with how well it’s working thus far. It’s about 85% more efficient (in terms of water use) than the overhead system we’ve used in years past, is completely automated, and only waters my plants — not the weeds. It’s looking like the ~$600 investment is going to be well worth it.