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That went well

My initial trip down to the Farmers’ Market in 2009 went pretty darn well. I made some new friends with the vendors near me, had a nice time talking with customers, enjoyed the good weather — and most importantly, actually sold most of my produce.

Out of the 40 or so kohlrabi (pictured above) I brought down there, I only returned home with three. I sold three of the four heads of cabbage, and all but one head of broccoli. The plethora of radishes I brought sold well, with about two-thirds of them bought.

Also, I seemed to be the unofficial ambassador for kohlrabi. A lot of people walked up, interested in knowing what this odd vegetable was. Most people who were aware of kohlrabi, and had tasted it before, seemed to recall it as something their grandmother served. I never considered the kohlrabi an old-fashioned vegetable, but maybe it is…

I’m looking forward to seeing where my booth will be next week. I enjoyed talking with the fine folks from Herb’s Handywork and The Grass Menagerie on Saturday, and I hope my new vendor neighbors will be just as interesting.