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In preparation for my appearance at the Omaha Farmers’ Market tomorrow, I went out and picked some produce today.

And it was wet. And rainy. And muddy.

But I persevered, and filled several boxes with fresh, tasty-looking vegetables.

I have about three dozen kohlrabi, a little on the big side but nonethless very tender and tasty. I cut open one to check, and it was crisp, sweet and delicious.

I also pulled a couple hundred radishes. They’re all about golf ball size or slightly smaller, and have no insect damage at all. I was pleasantly surprised at that. I have two different cultivars, and both look great.

Although I’m a bit disappointed in the effort my broccoli is giving to producing big heads, I got about a dozen good heads out of the garden today. It looks like next week will be better, though.

And for good measure, I cut the four biggest heads of cabbage. They’re nice and dense, and the leaves are extra-crisp. Nice.

Come on out and see me at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and be sure to check back for updates throughout the week!


What a rain…

drip irrigation
We had about 2.3 inches of rain on the farm on Friday night — and it was the beautiful slow, soaking type. Not the type that washes away half of my soil.

As I type this on Sunday night, the rain is again falling outside. While none of my plants were hurting for moisture due to the drip irrigation system I installed this spring (pictured above, watering broccoli in early April), this rain will sure help replenish the below-average moisture levels around the eastern part of the state.

Speaking of the drip irrigation system, I couldn’t be happier with how well it’s working thus far. It’s about 85% more efficient (in terms of water use) than the overhead system we’ve used in years past, is completely automated, and only waters my plants — not the weeds. It’s looking like the ~$600 investment is going to be well worth it.